Deadlines, Nerves, Production…

A month and a half ago, Ian and I (the MD/Bass Player) decided that June 1st was a good deadline to have all the songs ready to go to final mix. I sent an update email to a couple people involved, and now, it’s just about waiting to see what we’ve got, how much work still needs to be done etc.

Wow, it’s almost here. My first full length album. In college I didn’t see myself singing anything but jazz standards, now I’m composing, writing lyric, learning new instruments, exploring soundscapes… It’s amazing.

So, an album is coming soon. And that’s awesome, and I hope that I can crystalize the vision with some visuals and our overall aesthetic.

I hope you continue to follow our journey. This is only the beginning.

Now the work of marketing, promotion, booking shows and things can really start moving!



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