What we’re made of

Jeanette Berry and the Soul Nerds as a collective, as an idea was formed out of love. It was formed from a place of passion.

Don’t let the bad in life get you down. No one’s life is a walk in the park. Some days are bad, but it’s never too much to ask from whatever spiritual being you speak with, to ask for better. Ask to be a better person, to be wiser tomorrow, to be more careful with your words and actions. Learn who you are, and try to embrace even the things you do not like about yourself everyday. Try to find the beauty in the most painful situations.

I’m going to start doing something, any time I feel a complaint coming on, I’m going to say something I’m grateful for and then see if the complaint actually needs to be verbalized. Our words have so much power, take care, use them wisely.

Be brave and bold in your living loved ones!



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