Beautiful Monday

The work continues on the album, booking shows, creating spaces for us to express our art and so on and so forth. This week, I’ll be reaching out to people and trying to get some shows together. We are having another Soul Nerds group chat (since I’m in Ohio still). If you’d like to keep posted outside of the blog, please go check out our social media links and music. 

I’m taking a class over the summer entitled, Creativity and it’s Development. We’ve been looking at different types of creative energy and how creativity fosters itself in different people and different forms. We have a critical thinking paper due in 4 weeks, and I want to get started on the work I’ll be choosing. Right now, it’s between My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Kanye West) or Absolutely Free (Frank Zappa). Those will be my soundtracks for the week! 

Have you listened to either? You can listen to both on Rdio. 

Let your monday be filled with delight, hard work and laughter! 




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