WCW or the place I go on the web when I’m frustrated

Garance Dore. She, her blog, this little world that she has created on the internet is my safe place on the internet. Today has been a frustrating day for me. When I need a break, a place to remember how magical NYC could be or how there is so much beauty in the world, and how sometimes, it’s okay to talk about face wash and your favorite lipstick instead of psychoanalytic theory!

Trying to be Superwoman is exhausting. I’ve been told this plenty. Today, it hit me. I’m not one to like help, I like people to teach me how to do something, so I can do it myself, not feel like they are doing it for me. I also like it when people offer to help. But sometimes, you can’t get help. Sometimes no one else is physically there to help you, so you do it yourself. Well, today, at 7:54, I’m exhausted, with so much more work to do. So what do I do… 

type http://www.garancedore.fr/en into my google search… 


breathe… ::ahh:: 

She has a voice, a clear voice, an aesthetic, talent, personality and a sense of humor. Thank you, Garance, for being an inspiration in a cold cold internet world. 



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