Music is a universal language, and love is the key….

This week, I had to write a critical thinking paper on a psychological creativity theory that we’d been studying in my Creativity and it’s Development course. I chose to write about Humanistic Theory, and examined the solo works of Pharoahe Monch. One of my favorite emcee’s, his newest work, PTSD is something quite ridiculous. I didn’t listen to his first album when it came out, but knew all the singles (Simon Says especially). But ‘Desire’ was one of my favorites that prompted me to see him live at LPR (My friend from my first grad school happened to be opening for him) and I was just blown away by his performance, his flow, his lyricism, everything was so impressive to me (he’s also not hard on the eyes). In any case, this paper examined his growth as an artist, and how that growth as an artist helped him grow as a human being. Now, it’s soo assumptive of me to think that I can see that, but it comes across in the music’s content choices. Listening to all these songs, and really working through this theory made me realize how important hip hop is to our culture. It made me realize how important music is to our society and how the powers that be are trying so hard to push music away. They are pushing music away so that we listen and become brainwashed. In being able to write that paper, I found such a higher level of respect for Hip Hop. Next is the concentrated transcription of his rhymes. All of these things are important. Like a Max Roach drum solo transcribed, Emcee’s flows are next. And guess what? When you do that, you begin to realize how many don’t stack up and begin to to quantitative research on who actually are the best, and prove it. Fascinating stuff. Also really positive stuff for the minority community that started Hip Hop. 

Music is of fundamental importance to the human spirit, and the longer we suppress that fact, the further away from a civilized society we get. 



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