Good Monday lovelies!

So, by now, I HOPE you’ve seen that I am playing a show on Thursday in my hometown, here’s the link to the event, Jeanette Berry and the Soul Nerds at The Lounge at the Space.

Here are two incentives for those who come to the show:

1. If you sign up for the NEW mailing list at the show, you will receive a free download of a song from our album via email.

2. If you bring 2 or more people, NOT including yourself, you and your friends will be able to be featured in a video for the Soul Nerds and my multi media project, Parisian Dreamin’. You can be featured in several ways, either writing part of the music video, participating in the music video or creating other content for the video or full project.

Come out and create and live and love with us on Thursday night!



A Toast to Women

 It’s Friday, and I’d like to say something about women. 

We are complex. We can be intelligent, sexy, sensual, humorous, kind, blunt, secretive, bitchy. 

We are not just the images portrayed of us in the media. 

For any of us, we must find who we are without anyone telling us who or what we should be. 

So, today, ladies, I honor you. 

For your talents, for your hearts, for your perseverance, for your ideals, for your truth, for your power, for your intelligent, for you! 

Learn to love yourselves, no matter what anyone says-But respect others who love themselves the same. This, for me, is when we create a space for unity. 

Here are some women that I’m respecting right now: 

Blogger, Illustrator, Photographer, Writer, Garance Dore

Musician, Songwriter, Lianne La Havas

Activist, Survivor Malala Yousafzai

Woman of all things, Editor, Style Maven, Diana Vreeland (Deceased)

Who are some of the other women, alive or deceased, that you admire and honor? 


Could Tuition-Free Colleges and Universities Help Diversify STEM?

What are your thoughts on this subject?

Money pig graduate

Written By Dr. Erika E. Alexander

In recent months, several legislative proposals have been presented that might signal the end of times for college tuition. These proposals have been put forth by legislators in Michigan, New York, Tennessee, Oregon and Mississippi, and would allow students to get a college education at the state or community college of their choice for “free”.

Michigan House Bill No. 5315 (affectionately called The “Pay It Forward bill”) would provide up to 200 in-state students interest-free loans for college tuition at either a 2- or 4-year institution. Once a student has graduated from their institution and attained a position that puts them above the federal poverty line, they are required to pay a fixed percentage of their adjusted gross income into a fund, which will provide for financial aid of future college students. The amount the student would pay depends on what…

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Jberry Flyer



The show is FREE!!! 21 and up. Please bring your friends and family! Doors open at 5pm and the show starts at 9pm. Enjoy a drink or two after work and then stay to listen and drink some more!!! Original music from the upcoming album and original arrangements! We’ve got some killer guests playing music with us, and cannot wait to share all of it with you guys!!!

Looking forward to seeing your lovely faces!!! 

If you have any song requests, do not hesitate to comment below! 

Follow me on twitter @jb_soulnerd for updates!!! 

Technology and Art: Selfie vs. Story

As a 30-year-old in the new digital age, I still remember not knowing how to type, only having one computer in the library, the Oregon Trail, my first Nokia Green Screen cell phone (that I had from the age of 16 till Sophomore year in college) and that dial-up sound and how nervous and excited you were at the phrase, “You’ve Got Mail”.

Art has always been important to society. Art tells our stories from people gifted enough to be able to focus their perspective into learned trade skills and communicative skills. What happens when technology flourishes quicker than we can teach? What becomes of a skill that has been dwindled down to free app from from someone who is the most skilled at it themselves?

I need to learn how to write code. I’m beginning to believe that it is actually the second language that is most important in the United States, and in the world. I only say the United States because we are notoriously unilingual. If I can function around the internet and create my own content, I will be able to begin the pathway to the communicative force I can be, on my own terms. This is important for any artist in this day and age. We cannot be one-sided, we must be able to be our own brand, our own company, singularly, until we can afford the help from true professionals. But it doesn’t hurt to know enough about something to be able to hire someone who you KNOW knows what they are doing.

In any case, looking at the book cover, the cd cover, magazine cover-anything in print, I see that pictures have always been important in our society. Reading this article, the Russian Graphic Designer, El Lissitzky believed that using images to communicate is invaluable in a country where many are illiterate. He used images to communicate in simple, easy yet bold ways. Now, as a whole, we are more and more self involved. Selfies, have engulfed those with a front facing camera. Where are the images that help us understand what that person is going through, or what that society is going through? Can we survive in a world where people want to take pictures of themselves and yet worry about themselves without presenting the problems they face? We are trying to cover up shit with glitter and call it fashion.

Can you tell I’m a bit worried? I know things will work out, but I want to make sure that I am doing everything I can to make that happen. I don’t want to sit back and put it on someone else’s shoulders when we can all lend a hand in the advancement of ourselves as a collective society.

What are your thoughts about technology, art and society as a whole?


Thoughts for this new month…

For me, music is a large part of media. Media was meant to be taken in as digested. Unlike the relationship food has with our body, I believe we actually release the things that matter most to us and filter out anything that seems to be displeasing, so we don’t spread anymore of it. I don’t want to live in the day where humans are like computers. I’m not a conservative Christian, but we were not made to be machines. I’ve never denounced the Big Bang theory, but I feel like evolution, right now, is an idea being pushed by technological companies who want to create something to make our lives easier. How much easier can we make our lives? What do we expect out of our days? We don’t live just to vacation. Our living on this earth has a purpose. Now you might retort with, “and what if their purpose is to advance technology?” And to that I answer, God would never make anything that could surpass his power, and that is what we are trying to do. Maybe without outwardly knowing it, but we are. A good meal takes time, building a relationship takes time, developing curriculum takes time. The fast food, fast celebrity, fast information that has been catered to the overworked, underpaid, majority of us is killing us and only funding the corporations looking to monetize and profitize human life (opininon) 

Nature has seasons-who is messing that up? Us. We have more people hungry on earth with more food options, whose fault is that? Ours. We have become greedy, needy, falsely independent machines, I believe it’s time to take back actual freedom. That is not going to happen quickly. What will be your contribution?