Thoughts for this new month…

For me, music is a large part of media. Media was meant to be taken in as digested. Unlike the relationship food has with our body, I believe we actually release the things that matter most to us and filter out anything that seems to be displeasing, so we don’t spread anymore of it. I don’t want to live in the day where humans are like computers. I’m not a conservative Christian, but we were not made to be machines. I’ve never denounced the Big Bang theory, but I feel like evolution, right now, is an idea being pushed by technological companies who want to create something to make our lives easier. How much easier can we make our lives? What do we expect out of our days? We don’t live just to vacation. Our living on this earth has a purpose. Now you might retort with, “and what if their purpose is to advance technology?” And to that I answer, God would never make anything that could surpass his power, and that is what we are trying to do. Maybe without outwardly knowing it, but we are. A good meal takes time, building a relationship takes time, developing curriculum takes time. The fast food, fast celebrity, fast information that has been catered to the overworked, underpaid, majority of us is killing us and only funding the corporations looking to monetize and profitize human life (opininon) 

Nature has seasons-who is messing that up? Us. We have more people hungry on earth with more food options, whose fault is that? Ours. We have become greedy, needy, falsely independent machines, I believe it’s time to take back actual freedom. That is not going to happen quickly. What will be your contribution? 



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