Dating… Let’s Imagine…

I’ve maybe only been on two real dates in my entire life. Most others were “hanging out” and then “hooking up”.

Boy how I miss the days of ore where there was courting. A pin, a high school ring, a varsity jacket… something to show that there was appreciation and that this girl was something special.

I know there must be some people who still believe in the old fashioned route, asking someone for their number, calling them, inviting them out for dinner or some other actual date. Either asking for another date or understanding that it probably might not work. That doesn’t sound complicated or fussy…

I think that’s the problem.

No drama. We are so used to drama all around us that we believe our lives, even on the most personal and intimate level should have drama within. Well, I’d like to suggest some dates, that I would totally go for, and if I do, I know other girls would do the same.

Date Scenario Number One:

If you are lucky enough to live by a body of water, ask the girl if she’d like to go to the beach in the evening. If you’d like, you can bring food with you to share, or you can grab something small to eat. The food should not be the center of this date. The center should be the engaging with each other in a natural habitat.

As a girl, I know my go-to evening beach wear is a sweatshirt and shorts with some flip flops or slip ons. No need to sex it up any further than that girls, stay comfy, because when you are comfy, you are more vulnerable and open, and that is what dating is all about. Do not though forget the mascara, lip gloss, blush/bronzer and some softly scented lotion he can remember you by.

Now, if this were to be the PERFECT night, I would know where we could find some ice cream, and before we hit the beach with ice cream and the sunset, get some green in you (if you are into that sort of thing-if not you can do without). It’s all about the sweet and simple things.

Just picture it, an ice cream cone in one hand, the other’s hand in yours, watching the sunset and laughing about, whatever. Puts a smile on your face.

That’s the kind of date I’m feeling now. Not expensive, but personal and romantic. Take note guys, women don’t always need all the money and fancy things, give us attention, show us some affection-that’s what we need more than anything, to be loved. It has been shown that it’s hard for men to love and its hard for women to appreciate-these are things that can be nurtured on actual dates where we are getting to know not only the other person, but ourselves.

So, single or taken, what is your idea of the perfect date right now?



Essentials for the Beach Date:

Lip Gloss: Maybelline Baby Lips

Mascara: Benefit’s They’re Real

Blush/Bronzer: Nars Multiple in Orgasm

Lotion: Lollia Hand cream In Love


2 thoughts on “Dating… Let’s Imagine…

  1. I like dates that are leisurely. Bowling, rollerskating, laser tag… and paint (never done it), any one of those Groupon/Livingsocial outings. I see those and I’m like ” I wanna do all that!” And because I love the dining experience of a variety of restaurants, cafes, bistros , etc., I’m always ready for a brunch/lunch/dinner date.

  2. Any date that involves moving around. Sitting at a table or in a movie theatre doesn’t interest me.

    I’m really interested in just a bit of attention for a bit of time. Thoughtful conversation goes a long way.

    It’s a little difficult in NYC with everyone spreading themselves so thin being in 3 places at once. I know everyone has their lives, but hey – our generation doesn’t seem to have an idea of the value of time. Micro-managing your life is only gonna create a micro version of you. Get out and take your costume off for a little. If they don’t find a reason to smile with you, somethings wrong with them.

    If one doesn’t put oneself out there, we’re only gonna have a tougher time loving and you girls are gonna have a tougher time appreciating. You can go on a million dates, but if your mind is elsewhere (look at that girls shoes!) you’re not going to connect. Live in the moment and open up! Ghetty green helps! It can be on a beach, on a rooftop somewhere, in the park, wherever. For me I like to think of dates as play dates and myself as a kid and not an adult. Let’s go out and have fun!

    Wasting someone else’s time is disrespectful. Wasting your own is, frankly, dumb.

    Go out and impress whoever gives you butterflies. Be attentive and be sincere.

    Share everything and don’t be scared of the consequences, hearts don’t break they only get tempered.

    x g

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