A Toast to Women

 It’s Friday, and I’d like to say something about women. 

We are complex. We can be intelligent, sexy, sensual, humorous, kind, blunt, secretive, bitchy. 

We are not just the images portrayed of us in the media. 

For any of us, we must find who we are without anyone telling us who or what we should be. 

So, today, ladies, I honor you. 

For your talents, for your hearts, for your perseverance, for your ideals, for your truth, for your power, for your intelligent, for you! 

Learn to love yourselves, no matter what anyone says-But respect others who love themselves the same. This, for me, is when we create a space for unity. 

Here are some women that I’m respecting right now: 

Blogger, Illustrator, Photographer, Writer, Garance Dore

Musician, Songwriter, Lianne La Havas

Activist, Survivor Malala Yousafzai

Woman of all things, Editor, Style Maven, Diana Vreeland (Deceased)

Who are some of the other women, alive or deceased, that you admire and honor? 



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