In light of all the recent events, more and more people have been startled and awakened by the truth of our world. I find that more and more of my friends are being woken up and have questions and fast solutions. I don’t believe any solution is fast, but I believe the work starts within. I got discouraged for a moment because I forgot who I was and what my gifts were. I may not be an economist or a lawyer, but I have a purpose that is supposed to add the plan. I am significant and so are you. Live in Love and light family.


Each of us have a purpose. It is your job to serve that purpose, the purpose you were destined. Yours is unique, you can help whatever you believe in by using your gifts. Do not be discouraged. I encourage you today to ask yourself questions in order to find your purpose. Take time to cultivate you and the God in you. The time is now.

In order to grow, you have to look at yourself fully, mistakes, fears, accolades, loves and hates. When you begin this journey within yourself, you can begin fighting outside of yourself. But the battle begins with you. It’s work, it’s an everyday thing. Prayer, study, meditation, writing, engaging in conversation with others will help you cultivate you and your purpose. 

So this weekend, what will you do towards being a better you? 




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