What hurts?

We need to be having the conversations that hurt, that are hard that are uncomfortable. This is why the arts exist, but so often people are clouded by the the appearance that they don’t understand the substance. Be the substance. Consider it a gift to be able to express something that others feel is too hard to address. Help be the catalyst for change. This world bothers me so often nowadays, but I continue to pray and work on my gift so that people may, one day, understand. It’s time to have the tough talks.

So, in trying to keep my own word-what hurts? What would you like to talk about that is hard?
For me, right now, the self hate, the ignorance and naivety to the trials our fellow brother and sister are having all over the world and at home hurts. Why is it that there is still so much animosity towards people of color all over the world? Why is it that so many of the most judgmental people are the ones who call themselves christians? Why did it take me almost 30 years to truly love myself for all that I am? Why is it that people are no longer compassionate? Why don’t people care? Why can black men and women be denied so much in this country? Why is education a business and not a resource? Why is there still so much hunger in our country and so many who cannot read these words? Why is it that we care more about a celebrity wedding than the betterment of our future?

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