There are moments in life, where you question your message, your purpose and your skill. These moments will come, but they do not have to weigh you down.

Sometimes, when we stop and think about why these moments come, we open ourselves up for more. I have been feeling frustrated about how long the album is taking to finish. It’s not always the correct feeling, but it is a feeling I had. I’ve also had a vision for what I want this album to help me do, and where I could take this message. Sometimes, we need to be patient. Sometimes our idea is great, but the hearts and minds of those you need to reach are not ready to hear it.

On Tuesday, Kendrick Lamar came out with a new single, “i”. I saw the picture on Tumblr first… And was hoping it to be a full album. It wasn’t, but it delivered exactly what I needed to hear.

This song, for me was a message to the masses about what is going on in our world today, a reaction to all the social unrest. I personally believe love, peace and harmony begin with a honest, aware and humble self love. This song, the intro, the lyric, showed me that maybe I am not alone in this thought, and that maybe the reason “Allegiance to Love” (the name of our debut album) has been held up was because God knew it wouldn’t be heard or received in the way I intended it to be.

I guess, what I’m saying is, be patient. Work hard, continue to grow and understand your skill and craft. Grown in your emotional knowledge, intellectual knowledge, craft knowledge and skill knowledge. Your eyes may be opened when you least expect it, and you will be ready for when the time does come to share the fruits of your labor.

Fruits and vegetables take time to grow and harvest. Nature should not be rushed (in my opinion) so why should we rush our work in the natural world?

Take a moment to breath and be aware of the moment. Live each one of those moments as fully as possible because it will never happen again, and you cannot predict the next moment.

Life is beautiful, you are beautiful and loving yourself is the most important step in success.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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