Race ya.

Really important read for all of us. Communication is key.

To my Future Husband….from me as a future wife.

My love,

Know that as you are reading this, I love you. You are a blessing on my life and others.

There are some things that I want to make sure you always remember:

1. We are a team. Between you, me and God we have NOTHING to worry about. Do you remember what we said the day we wed? Hey, let’s continue to talk about those things okay? It’s important that we stay connected.

2. Keep pushing me; spiritually, mentally, emotionally. I will keep pushing as well! I only want your best. I know we’ll both grow and change, but if we are in this together, and we continue to work as a team, we will continue to be on the same page. Help me work out, help me think more deeply, help me pray more passionately.

3. You are handsome. But guess what? your mind, spirit and heart make you THAT much more handsome.

4. I love you, to the moon, till the end of time. My love for you is unconditional. Even when I’m mad and want to throw things at you, it’s because I love you.

5. What’s most important to us is for us to know and believe and grow in only.

6. I love you.

For the moment darling, that’s all I’ve got to say. I hope your day/morning/evening is going wonderfully, and if you need anything, never hesitate to ask. My heart and ears are always open for you, unless we are in our separate alone time.

Love you.