Culture or an alternative title: Why I need an outline when writing…

Before I begin this post, I want to say thank you to those who support and read the blog. It has been exactly a month since I’ve posted, and it’s been one heck of a month personally, work wise, school wise, emotionally and spiritually. This is a miss mash of some things I wanted to get off my chest and work on into words; my personal musings I guess you could say. Please comment and follow me on twitter and instagram with the handle @jb_soulnerd *Peace, Love and Music* JB

There are beautiful pockets of culture all throughout our country. You can find them in neighborhood delis, restaurants churches, block parties, playgrounds, open parks and libraries just to name a few. But can we as a country ever unite if we lack the desire to understand, grow and create with no motives but to just be better at being people?

The history of any country, but especially our country, that was taught to us as children in school left out anything that made this country not worthy to be inhabited. How can we have a culture if we cannot openly discuss our history?
If you had rotting food in your refrigerator, would you keep it in there until someone else called you on it, or would you clean it out before it got to that point? Why is it that we are letting our history rot instead of take care of it?
Well, maybe because the ones creating the curriculum that funds the people who make the books that get dropped off at our teachers doors want only to push their agenda. An agenda that thrives on the whitewashing* of our history as a nation, that calls those who we do not know savages, and those who slay these savages founding fathers.
How can we have a culture when we cannot acknowledge our roots as a country?
I am a firm believer in music being a vehicle for history, communication and passion. Music is a universal medium that within it has dialects from every corner of the world. What does our dialect sound like? Why is our dialect so important? Why are we, not as consumers, but as people important? What have we left on earth to carry into history?
Does it matter? The people in charge will change it anyway…
I don’t think that needs to be what it is.
Long ago, there were griots, village storytellers. Long ago these were the village historians, they would pass on their history within their family. It was the family business.
Where are our stories?
Culture is not just to be used, but to be experienced, lived in, created and loved.
Maybe if we had better music and cultural education in school, we’d want to dig deep into our history, search out who we are as a people and build up our culture.
But we’ve been programmed to not do such things.
The internet is your best friend and your worst enemy.
I just saw on Tumblr, a quote similar to this one,
“The beginning of wisdom is found in doubting; by doubting we come to the question, and by seeking we may come upon the truth.” Pierre Abelard 
Have we been taught to question? Have we been taught to ask why? Most parents get furious when a child asks why. In some instances, this is understandable.
Mother: Go wash the dishes
Daughter: Why? 
Mother: Because I said so.
Daughter: Why? 
Mother: Because I’m your mother. 
We see where this is going. And it could have gone so many ways, but we discourage the word why. We discourage the research, the individual seeking of knowledge. We are a society bred to win, to consume, to earn and to have sex. None of those things breed culture and a creative, inquisitive environment. But to ask questions means we are thinking freely. This is exactly what most people would stop. Thinking freely means you are putting things together, you are not trusting the one person or the one book, and you decide to dig a little deeper.
Don’t be afraid to dig. Dig into yourself. Dig into your family. Dig into your education. Dig into your passions. For without courage to doubt, we’ll never have the courage to change.
*When I speak of whitewashing, I don’t only just mean people of color’s cultures, but even those who are of Italian, Irish, Scottish, ANY descent. We make it about the status quo “average white american”. All of what makes us rich as a country is all the people who have come before and what of their culture they brought, ESPECIALLY those whose culture we simply use or commodify.*

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