Change is not comfortable

I’ve waited to say something more in-depth than just hashtags and miniature quotes. Here is something. Whoever you are reading this, I love you. 

I want to say something this morning. Most minorities in this country understand the racism and the relationship we have with this country. We understand the history, we understand our history. We understand that are not afforded so much because of race. What I don’t understand is why have we let money fool us? Why have ALL of us been so selfish as to just take care of “me” while this is going on? This is about a learned ideal becoming unlearned, or teaching new ideals. I’m a performer, and I believe music can heal, but I’m not going to sign a contract with people who I KNOW only see me as a shucking and jivin fool. If we come together to create and educate, if we thought about community schools again. If we took education out of corporations hands. If we stopped trying to teach because you get “summer’s off”. If we listened to our elders, if we just conversed rather than shun, this work could be done little by little over the years. Laws do not change the mindset of the people who put them in place. They will find a way to continue to treat people the way they believe to be treated. We do not understand each others humanity because we do not love ourselves as humans, but as moments. We do not like to come into contact with our own multiplicity, with our downfalls, with our shames. We’d rather sweep them under the rug, play dress up our whole lives and live an existence that’s a lie. I’m here to tell you all, until you love yourself, you will let someone hate you, you will let someone tell you who to hate. Yes, I understand why people are mad, I understand why they are protesting, but everyday of our lives should be a protest to the things that are wrong. Maybe we are beginning to understand that. If we aren’t going to leave this country, it starts with our children. We need to create compassionate, caring, humanity seeking, truth-speaking children. Teach our children why we love each other no matter the skin color, teach why humans are beautiful, each one of them. Stop supporting those who do not believe in these facts, stop filling our children’s minds with music, television, art, news that is not for them, that will only continue to let them live the lives we have lived. What has that done for us?


Seeing people who look like you demonized in the news each day, multiple times, hearing horrible comments by ignorant students WILL NOT go away unless we start facing the foundation of this hatred. Yes, the people in power need to see that we are MAD AS HELL and WE AREN’T GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE-but there are different ways to protest. Do not think you have to protest the way that others do. Your voice can be heard. And as each one of us changes something about ourselves, someone else will be changed because of it. Again, hatred is learned. All hatred, body hatred, spiritual hatred, emotional hatred, mental hatred, superficial hatred… all learned. But ya’ll don’t hear me. Protest in Prayer, protest with your money, protest in your schools. Why do we have to have television and social media around to make our protest relevant. Change your mind, change the people around you. Why do you love yourself? Why do you hate yourself? Why can’t you see love in someone else? Why do you not respect yourself? Why do you give that man your body when he gives you nothing? Why do you spend your money on things like that when you can’t pay your bills? Why do you decide not to educate yourself? Why do you think books are weird? Why do you think learning is lame? Why do you think black skin is ugly? Why do you think having light skin with grey eyes and curly hair is beautiful? Why does my fat make you feel uncomfortable? Why don’t you love yourself?

We need to, as a community of people to come together to grieve, to mourn, to exonerate ourselves from all of our personal pasts. We need the courage to stand up in front of a crowd and talk about ourselves in a way that no one has seen because we are too cowardly to do so. We need to ask the scary questions, the questions that make the pin drop in the room. We need to understand why people are hurting, why people are mad, why people still don’t believe in racial justice. All people should have the opportunity to express themselves the way they see fit; that is personally, commercially and otherwise. But many people of color cannot do such. No one should have to make sure they are wearing the correct thing in order not to be killed. We see this with the women’s movement in our rape culture. Another thing that we do not talk about. We can hardly talk about sex in this country, how are we going to acknowledge that men rape women and that rape is WRONG!??!

Change is uncomfortable, but the fruits of the work are great.

Thus ends my thoughts for this morning.


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