There is so much going on….

There is a lot happening in the world around us, and in our own little worlds.

It’s been a while since I updated the blog, and I knew I had to write to you whether I’m ready to write or not.

Between the Grammys, Chapel Hill Killings, Fashion week and everything else going on in our daily lives, it’s hard to keep cool, to keep a calm spirit, to have an open heart and open mind.

It’s time for us to make time for love.

Yes, love. Yes, I’m talking about it again. Art is made about it, we make it ourselves, we live in it and we nurture it or we ignore it.

Not just the Valentine’s Day love, not just the romantic love, but the understanding who you are and respecting that and radiating that kind of love.

We need to have these discussions. Why is there so much hate, so much cultural theft, so much confusion? We haven’t taken the time to listen to one another. That’s love. Anyone who has been in a relationship or is in one, failed or otherwise will tell you that one of the most important things is COMMUNICATION. It is not always vocal, it is not always loud, it is not always written. Communication is present always, just as love is.

Can we stop for a moment, just to take time to think about what we love about ourselves.

I will give you that moment.

Have you got it?

Good, now, do you realize that somewhere in this large universe, someone is reading this and thinking at the same time as you are? You are connected in that small way. The humanity in all of us is finding the small things that create our similarities. It’s so easy to spot the differences, to create a fake idea of superiority. But the work comes in the loving.

Will you be doing that work today, tomorrow, the next moment? I will.

In other news, we are launching our website on February 22nd. 22 is my favorite number! Until then, head over to and sign up for our newsletter!

Peace, Love and Music



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