It’s about that time…

     I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I am not perfect, which is why I lean on the Son of God to help me each and everyday. Jesus was a leader, whether you believe in him being the Messiah, he was a leader who wanted to spread his agenda for the sake of the people. Jesus wanted nothing but for us to live in love and do as his Father told us to do. It was not about his power, it was not about his wealth, or fame or fortune. Why has this style of person gone out of style? My lenten covenant is to stop comparing my life with others and live gratefully. I want to live in MY lane, live in my gifts and blessings, and not live comparatively to someone else in their journey.
     As we approach the end of Black History Month, the past behind us, the future before us and the present in our midst, I want to acknowledge something; The individual is powerful. The sum of the whole is less than the sum of it’s parts in terms of the people vs. the governing structure. Governing structure does not only deal with our politics and government, but trickles down to our entertainment and education as well. When the power of the individual is met with the power of community, we begin to see results. Governing bodies have always wanted it their way to uphold their comfort while in power. But, what is this “power”? It feels as if we have been “trained” to believe that we have no voice, no say. The reason why we have hip hop today was because people didn’t want to be invisible and silent any longer, they couldn’t be, their lives depended on speaking up.
     Now’s the time. As we walk each and everyday into the future, we have to look and make choices. What community do we stand with? What do we believe? What is it, that, while we are alone, fuels us to get out of bed another day? Then we continue this conversation with ourselves, as we reflect, read, research and listen. I do not want to tell you how to think, just to think. I do not want to sway your view any way other than simply opening your eyes to a view that is not your own.
     So what do you think? What lane are you in? Where do you believe we should be? What are your gifts and blessings that could push us closer to that place?

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