“You Make Me Feel Like Summer Time” Another Short Story

It was the fall semester of her senior year. July decided at the beginning of her junior year to spend at least one semester overseas. She had already interned for several publishers and magazines in New York and North Carolina the summer between semesters. This was different. She wanted a different perspective, a new look at the world that only leaving could give her. It had gotten colder than usually for this time of year there and she was missing Julian. The man that had only come into her life the Spring semester of her Junior year meant so much to her. They were both strong and independent individuals, and both of them were pursuing internships and high level placements out of college. With that in mind, they spent as much time together as possible that first semester they met.

July was taking a stroll down the street when a brisk wind came through. With that wind came the first snowflakes of the season. Winter not being one of her favorite seasons, she walked faster towards the nearest cafe. The cafe was a beacon of warmth and light in the cold wind of the first moments of winter.  After she was seated, she pulled out her worn pale pink notebook. This notebook went with her everywhere she’d go. Class, work, dinner, out with friends, this notebook stayed with her. Inspiration can happen anywhere, and she knew that, so she made sure it was always handy. Julian had given her a beautiful rose gold pen to write with as well. She took it out and decided to pen him a letter. The waiter came by, he was a man of color, which made her feel more at home in this little cafe. He smiled and she ordered a spiced hot chocolate and a pastry. All of the sudden, she heard their song. The song he danced up to her during and asked her to dance. The song she got lost in his body forgetting about all her insecurities and danced right with him. She looked in his eyes, he ran his fingers across her shoulders. It was love. And in that moment, in a lonely far away cafe she wrote,

“Julian, the cafe I’ve come in to brave the cold from is playing our song. All I can wish for is summer. That night we first met, warms me more than this cocoa ever could. The winter wind is roaring outside the window now, I guess I’m stuck at this cafe for a while. But I wanted to write you and tell you how excited I am to see you again, and how I carry you with me everywhere I go, through our memories, through this pen, and through our song. I love you.”

3 thoughts on ““You Make Me Feel Like Summer Time” Another Short Story

  1. Wonderful story! I loved it. I’d be honored if you would check out some of my stories and let me know what you think!

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