“She Knew” A short story

As I’ve been listening to the album (which will be out SO SOON), and thinking about what I want to say about all the injustice in the world, I decided to try my hand at a narrative with my album and my screen play, “Parisian Dreamin”. Each character will have their own story, and the songs will also go with the stories. Here is the first, “She Knew”. Subscribe to our mailing list to get each short story and more updates about the album and all other things soul nerd! 

This day hadn’t meant anything to Akiva in several years. After getting back from Paris, working with her aunt for the Black Paris uprising, and coming back, immediately working in Baltimore, she knew. She knew that something was going to happen. She didnt know it would take this long, but she could feel something boiling under the surface. All the tell tale signs; Twitter had been set ablaze in the past couple days, people fighting in the streets for weeks, clashing with the police, it’s happening.

As she sat up in her bed she looked to her left and remembered him. He was so alive, so passionate about life and about freedom. He enjoyed good food, good music and great sex. Akiva rubbed the pillow and turned away. When would she see him again?  She didn’t know if it would be behind bars, or hanging from a tree. All she knew was her fight was to make his capture not in vain.

She turned on the t.v. and saw that the tanks were coming in.

After years and years of doing this and working with her aunt Ci Ci, she knew, she knew today would  be different. She knew preparing herself for the rest of her life may be just preparing herself for today. July gave her a call.  July warned Akiva not to do anything irrational, but Ju Ju knew. She could feel it over the phone. Akiva was ready. Akiva knew that the work that had been done up to this point was for this day. The people were tired, the people were fed up. No longer listening to what the news, what the radio, what their pastors, what their religions leaders had to say. All they wanted was freedom. The only way to get freedom is to take it. She knew this wouldn’t be easy, so she decided to start writing her message. Maybe if written those that were against it would understand, she knew that there wasn’t much hope in that, but maybe then the ones were with it would understand better.

She stood up, went to her computer at the window and typed,

If bravery is found through love, let me never tire of the act, let me choose to be brave each day. If words spoken in hope and grace mean more than those spoken out of envy, let me know them of the former and less of the latter. Let darkness fade on the coward. Let light shine, let love glow. Even if painful, let it be triumphant in my heart. I pledge allegiance to love.

She hoped that writing this and sending it to the right people would get out in time. So she pressed send. Retweet after retweet after video after facebook share came. And as she prepared herself for the worst, the first bomb fell. This was the second civil war, and her fight, her allegiance, were in love.

Jeanette Berry


Activism, celebrity and angst

The biggest reason I find opposition to those high level pop stars is because though they might have fought to get where they are, they have become corporate puppets.

We need a cultural revolution. Not for the sakes of our pockets, but for our humanity. They took the drums of all native people when they invaded, why? Because it was our heart beat. Our communicator. Our joy in times of war, fear, hope and pain. 

Many of us have a bit more education and idea of self worth than those big companies are marketing these artists and brands to. We all have gifts, if you say  you want justice, why are you supporting those who are only helping to reinforce beauty standards that are killing our young woman, greed that has filled the hearts of over men-lack of spirituality in any of us. 

Pop music has always been a business and always will be-but what has it done for our classrooms? What has it done to educate our children of their history? What has it done to fuel economic change? It has fed us the power of the system that was never made for us. It contributes to the flaws in our system by doing nothing but saying-“Join us”. Just because it’s the way it is doesn’t mean it needs to stay the same. 

Why am I not impressed that Beyonce gave school supplies? Because that is only the cosmetic problem. 

Any dermatologist worth their spit will tell you its about skincare & health. We all know we should drink water-but Pepsi taste better. Let’s stop covering up, concealing the real problems and do the work to address them. It’s not a quick fix and it may not make you rich in things or money-but we can’t take that with us can we?